Activate Business Connectivity

Stop compromising on speed and quality when it comes to Internet connectivity

  • We provide high quality, low latency bandwidth that is competitively priced for medium to large organisations, as well as public and private sector
  • Our connectivity solutions make Internet and cloud-based services easily accessible, cost-efficient and reliable for organisations of all sizes, across locations
  • Our Next-Generation Network enables us to constantly add new services and technology seamlessly, so we can execute complex solutions quicker with fewer complications
  • We provide and maximise client uptime to drive productivity and revenue generation, so our clients can be sure their internet connection is reliable and fast enough to pin their business success on it

Internet access tailored to specific business needs and budgets

We all know how reliant businesses and people are on Internet access: there is not much we can do without it. Organisations need connectivity that enables business strategy by providing the ideal combination of speed, capacity, quality and reliability.

Internet connectivity options

We offer enterprises choice in connectivity, tailored to best suit the needs of their businesses. Our services cater for a range of specific demands, both technically and commercially.

  • Our Internet can be provided as a centralised Internet break-out for multiple branches, or directly to individual branches, locations or data centres
  • A centralised break-out facility with an aggregated Internet pool reduces overall Internet costs and provides clients with a transparent view of Internet consumption across the network

Dedicated Internet

Provides corporate-level 100% dedicated Internet bandwidth, guaranteed to provide the quality of service, speed and availability.   Best suited to the large enterprise market that is heavily dependent on Internet access for data exchange or communication with external customers, vendors or services.

This dedicated internet connection makes use of the fastest and most reliable cable networks in South Africa, to connect businesses to the world wide web with 100% certainty.

Dedicated Internet means dedicated benefits

  • No fair usage policy
  • No contention ratio
  • No traffic shaping
  • Premium SLA – full redundancy

With a centralised breakout, organisations can:

  • Reduce their risk of Internet exposure to a single point
  • Manage user Internet consumption through a centralised firewall
  • Provide a single public entry point into the network for greater control

Broadband Internet

Harness the power of fibre or wireless last mile networks and make use of exponentially higher bandwidth with the EOH Network Solutions Broadband Internet range of services. Managed under fair usage policies, this solution caters for middle to large enterprises that require solid throughput speeds for general Internet browsing and application usage.

Competitively priced high-speed bandwidth:

High-capacity, non-contended bandwidth (1:1 basis)

Access to high-capacity bandwidth at a reduced rate

Can be provided centrally or at branch level

Supports prevalent technologies like BYOD, Unified Communications, and Software-Defined Networking

WiFi as a Service

Secure, reliable and fast, the provision of WiFi connectivity requires many network infrastructure components, all precisely engineered to meet performance, safety and user expectations, which needs constant management and support. Making the shift now toward commoditising WiFi services will give businesses an edge over those spending a fortune trying to get it done in-house.

EOH Network Solutions WiFi as a Service packages combines all these elements and services packages them into one monthly subscription, simplifying the provision of WiFi connectivity for large-scale entities. From multi-location businesses, to public or private enterprise companies, managed services offer a variety of benefits:

  • No large upfront capital costs
  • Simple monthly payments
  • Ongoing network management
  • Seamless transition when the network needs to be refreshed
  • Adapts to changing devices and user expectations
  • Built to simplify operations, WiFi is simply another utility service
  • Reallocate capital to be used on other growth-focused projects

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