Access The Right Cloud

Anything is possible with the right cloud solution

Before cloud, there was no such thing as world-class infrastructure and services that could be bought without massive capital outlay.

Now, organisations can access what they need when they need to in line with specific business requirements and the right cloud gives the business value and flexibility, ensuring that IT spend is optimised for greater return on investment.

But how will enterprises know which cloud is right for their business? That’s where we can help.

EOH Network Solutions offers a range of cloud solutions for specific business challenges

Multi-cloud Management

Enables organisations to: distribute data assets, applications, and redundancy to get the best cloud fit.

By mixing and matching the best services and platforms, enterprises are able to support a diverse application portfolio at an optimal level, allowing IT to be more responsive and adaptive to changing needs.

However, with multiple clouds comes increased complexity and managing multiple strategic cloud providers, which gets tricky.

No one has time for the resultant complex management, deployments, contracts and bills.

To simplify multi-cloud environment management, clients have access to our end-to-end ecosystem of cloud solutions, whether, public, private, hybrid or otherwise.

Eliminate cloud limitations:

Our unique, truly agnostic cloud management platform, CloudBolt™ makes it possible for businesses to access, provision and manage all their cloud services – whether private, public, or hybrid, with a few simple clicks.

Clients can leverage our partnerships with leading providers, AWS, Microsoft AZURE, Google, Openstack, Oracle, Red Hat (and many others), allowing us to consult, mediate and facilitate their selection of cloud computing solutions.

We offer a unified cloud service and our brokering skills give organisations access to multiple clouds they need, through a single partner.

Embrace the benefits of a unified cloud service:

Better availability and performance: A carefully architected solution intelligently distributes workloads and VMs, utilises redundancy and addresses latency through application optimisation for cloud services, no matter where they are located.

Manageability:  Access, control and integrate all VMs, workloads and services through a unified management portal with complete control over the entire environment and get the best from local and global providers.

Public Cloud Management

Enables organisations to: better leverage the abundance of choice in public cloud

As public cloud solutions have gained traction, so have the variety in offerings expanded.
Too much choice is not always a good thing, and businesses are now realising that they’re not leveraging their public clouds to their full potential, simply because they lack the internal skills.

That’s why we provide expert consulting and fully managed services, backed by switched-on support so our clients stand to gain the full benefit public cloud can offer.

Our managed public cloud solutions offer built-in security, guaranteed uptime, tailored provisioning and billing in local currency.

We offer end-to-end public cloud lifecycle engagement, delivering ISO-certified solutions with a dedicated point of local contact.

Gain control over public cloud

Through our automated cloud management platform, CloudBolt™, clients can access and manage their cloud, regardless of which platform they are using. This intuitive self-service portal:


Allows end users to select from a catalogue of servers and application environments pre-configured to meet business needs and regulatory requirements

Ensures that administrators have oversight of all their clouds, whenever they need it

Enhances understanding of all cloud systems and users, along with in use, the tools that trigger permissions based on groups, costs, and services

Get on board with the benefits of public cloud management

By leveraging our expertise businesses can get either get started in AWS or learn how to unlock the full benefits of their public cloud solution.

Cloud strategy direction:

Assistance in plotting the organisation’s every move.

Public Cloud Consulting Services:

Assistance in plotting the organisation’s every move.

Security and governance:

Assistance to ensure cloud deployment is both secure and compliant.

Smooth migration:

Move existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

Rapid deployment:

New applications and infrastructure can be put to work, fast.


Completely automated cloud infrastructure with the latest tools.

Managed Services:

Our managed service leaves internal IT, teams free to focus on delivering their core mandate.

Predictable cost control:

Explore new revenue opportunities knowing that costs of doing are transparent.

Certifiable public cloud expertise

We are a certified AWS APN Standard Advanced Consulting Partner which means we are authorised to provide planning, architecting and implementation of migrations or specific AWS projects.

Hosted Cloud Management

Enables organisations to: reap the benefits of cloud, without the headaches.

Managed hosted clouds deliver the same cost benefits as public cloud, ensuring the same level of security and reliability as private cloud, with the added benefit of local support. 

In short, hosted cloud offers the best of both private and public clouds plus a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved by either alone.

With our managed cloud hosting solution, organisations can get:

The right combination of price, performance, security and availability

The capability to deploy our best-of-breed technology stack for economies of scale and quick provisioning of a tried and trusted solution

The ability to control the cloud at all times with CloudBolt™

We deploy this enterprise-class cloud solution for clients into a virtualised environment that resides within a highly secure Tier 3 data centre environment.

Built in dual network and dual data fabric assures availability and uptime. We can extend the platform across multiple data centres in order to meet governance and compliance requirements.

Gain the benefits of a managed hosted cloud:

Get the security, speed and agility associated with a private cloud to flex up or down, depending on demand

Pay only for what the business uses and eliminate idle infrastructure costs

Immediately provision workloads, even for an hour or for a day – ideal for DevOps requirements

Avoid fluctuating exchange rates – with fixed rate billing in local currency

Cost visibility and control provided with a transparent workflow process, which allows all spend to be viewed, approved and tracked

We provide an easy-to-use web-based management interface, for command and control over a cloud-based resource pool of compute, storage and data centre network. A direct management layer, through the automated self-service portal CloudBolt™ gives administrators the power of full cloud control. Gain cost savings through the per-hour billing model of public cloud, but with the security and control benefits offered by a hosted cloud

Private Cloud Solutions

Enables organisations to: boost performance and enhance security through a dedicated and customised cloud.

With the EOH Network Solutions private cloud, businesses can now gain speed, flexibility and agility, while retaining their existing systems, without needing to migrate anything or provision expensive new hardware and software, paying only for what they use.

  • Off-premise private cloud: A cost-effective option that allows clients to place existing hardware and software into our Tier 3 Data Centre to reduce the costs of servers and storage as a CAPEX project, without the infrastructure and hardware costs. There is also an option of a fixed monthly fee for both hardware and licensing costs.

Whether their private cloud resides within their own environment or with us, businesses can access and manage their cloud, from anywhere. Our CloudBolt™ software provides a single point of entry to provision, manage and report on virtual servers across both private and public clouds.

Gain the benefits of a managed private cloud:

Optimising current Capex investment by understanding current business consumption and moving that to a true cloud-based infrastructure

Implementing the right tools brings visibility over infrastructure and application performance

Customising the right management layer, allows organisations to consume cloud on a month to month basis, with rapid deployment capabilities and savings

A Level 1 BBEEE certification simplifies the procurement process