EOH NS optimises Microsoft Office 365 and Azure

by Stuart Hardy, business development director of global networks at EOH UK.

EOH Network Solutions, a division of the EOH Group, has announced the release of a global optimisation network that delivers optimised network and application access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure in every Microsoft data centre globally. The optimisation service, which is part of the core service provider network, is available to clients accessing these applications through the Internet or Express Route.
The growing demand for local Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 access has driven EOH to develop additional optimisation capability in its core network to significantly increase user experience and reduce the amount of expensive international bandwidth required when connecting to such services.

A boost for business-critical applications performance

Adding optimisation to Internet or Express Route connections for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 provides customers with the mechanism they need to host their business-critical applications in the cloud, without compromising the user experience due to high latency. With up to 40x faster application response times, users will see far less difference between an application hosted in their network or in a globally located Microsoft data centre. Further benefits of EOH’s Optimisation solution include significant reductions in the bandwidth requirements using Express Route, with compression, caching and de duplication.

Fast implementation, quick benefits

EOH believes that optimisation, and more specifically TCP/IP acceleration, is the key to providing a powerful end user experience for global application delivery in South Africa. However the strategy has been to develop the optimisation layer into its network, making it available as a service, rather than requiring clients to adopt expensive client-side technology.
Clients can remove all the complexity and capex from deploying optimisation in their network, opting rather for an optimisation capability that is tightly integrated with a premium MPLS core that extends to each and every Microsoft Office 365 and Azure data centre. Because this network is already deployed, customers can get accelerated application access within days rather than months. Customers can also experience a significant performance improvement from traditional deployments of this nature.


Stuart Hardy is the business development director of EOH Global Networks Division UK. Stuart has spent 20 years in the South African telecommunications market working at executive level in and with South African telecommunication companies. He is responsible for developing EOH’s global network and for driving global application and global WAN optimisation for EOH out of the United Kingdom. His contact details are stuart.hardy@eoh-uk.com +447856 501 896.