SASE brings people and technology together to create a secure, productive workplace

SASE brings people and technology together to create a secure, productive workplace

What do all businesses have in common? Behind every device, every connection and every application is a person.

We’ve become so wrapped up in building digital-first businesses that we’ve forgotten about the people.

Without people, technology is pointless

As such, the modern workplace needs to put people first and empower them to do their best work. While technology is the best way to do this, we also need to pay attention to shifting mindsets, creating drive and inspiring a working culture that expresses our shared humanity through communication and collaboration.

Embracing a modern, digital workplace that is people-centric requires businesses to take a long hard look at their culture, training, investment and technology.

This is a massive adjustment and before you know it, the project starts to look like an insurmountable challenge. You know change is unavoidable, but you don’t know how to change or where to change in a way that delivers real value.

That’s where iOCO can help. We can work with your organisation to define exactly how your people want their modern workplace to look, feel and function.

Don’t adopt technology. This leads to doing old things in new ways.
Internalise technology. This leads to finding new things to do.

iOCO’s digital workplace solutions put people first

Put technology back in its place – playing a supporting role that enables business strategy and drives meaningful human-centric change by:

Supporting new approaches to network and security architecture so users can securely access the internet and business applications from any device or network.

Promoting productivity by delivering a fast and seamless working experience for every person in your business ecosystem.

Optimising IT spend by reducing vendors and IT overhead costs.

Lowering IT complexity and network friction by consolidating technologies and unifying communication.

Improving user experience and flexibility by supporting direct connections to internet and private cloud applications, eliminating the need to connect to a corporate data centre first.

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