Technology that’s not just fit for purpose. Technology that’s fit for people. Made possible by SASE.

Technology that’s not just fit for purpose. Technology that’s fit for people. Made possible by SASE.

What do people want? People want to achieve remarkable goals, solve complex problems and make meaningful progress.

None of which is possible with legacy network and security technologies that require users to be in the network.

Technology should inspire people, not restrict them

With iOCO’s Zero Trust Exchange, the internet is the new corporate network and users can securely and seamlessly access the internet and business applications from any location, device or network.

Embracing a modern, digital workplace that is people-centric requires businesses to take a long hard look at their culture, training, investment and technology.

This is a massive adjustment and before you know it, the project starts to look like an insurmountable challenge. You know change is unavoidable, but you don’t know how to change or where to change in a way that delivers real value.

That’s where iOCO can help. We can work with your organisation to define exactly how your people want their modern workplace to look, feel and function.

Infrastructure modernisation with the Zero Trust Exchange

Reduce risk by making remote locations and cloud deployments more responsive to business needs

Secure communications for users, workloads and devices, based on identity and location with consistent security policies over any network and in any location.

Eliminate VPNs, public cloud transit and customised network infrastructure and take advantage of broadband connectivity with cloud-based Zero Trust Exchange.

Apply simple business policies to secure user and workload communication exchanges. Standardise these policies across all branch and public cloud locations and manage them centrally.

Identify and resolve performance issues regardless of user location or application, using integrated digital experience monitoring.

How does Zero Trust modernise your infrastructure?

By extending Zero Trust down to the endpoint, we can:

  • Remove the need for branch firewalls, SD WAN or MPLS
  • Enable granular visibility and control over all application connections
  • Eliminate vendors, appliances, traffic backhaul and network friction
  • Make your network and applications invisible to the Internet
  • Prevent lateral movement
  • Strengthen identity with conditional access
  • Protect data loss and exfiltration

The modern workplace requires a Secure Access Service Edge solution that grows with the business and protects data at all costs.

Join us on the 19th of October 2022 for our Zero Trust Breakfast Seminar where we will interview one of SA’s top CTO’s on their Zero Trust journey.


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