SASE security that amplifies people’s strengths, not their weaknesses

SASE security that amplifies people’s strengths, not their weaknesses

Digital transformation can only help your business achieve strategic goals if your foundation is secure, but most security campaigns you’ve seen focus on how people are the biggest risk in the cybersecurity chain. This isn’t entirely accurate.

The very technologies that make transformation possible—cloud, mobility, SaaS and IoT —can also significantly increase the risk of catastrophic cyberattacks.

The modern workplace requires that users can move freely between work, home and travel, protected by consistent and strong network security that does not affect user experience. This task is made almost impossible with traditional network security architecture which requires the user to be in the network to be effective.

Security needs to evolve to meet the needs of your people

The way people work has changed. Security hasn’t. Security transformation demands a fresh approach to fundamentally realign security to be the foundation for all meaningful change. For this, a cloud-native solution is necessary – that would be Secure Access Service Edge.

Success starts with security. Security starts with Zero Trust.

Zero Trust is a unique approach to security based on the principles of least-privileged access which state that no user or application should be trusted by default. A Zero Trust architecture implements these principles to securely connect users, devices, and applications using business policies

With a secure SASE foundation built on Zero Trust you can:

  • Blocking threats before they reach the network
  • Stopping lateral movement and halting the spread
  • Eliminating catastrophic data loss

It’s not a security solution if it doesn’t work

Only a cloud-native security architecture (SASE) can address security in the modern workplace because it:

Aligns with the origination of most user traffic

Act as a secure onramp and checkpoint

Ensures a single and consistent security posture

Find out how iOCO’s SASE workplace solutions can help your organisation to evolve security and give your people the confidence they need to succeed


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