by Stuart Hardy, Business Unit Manager of EOH’s Carrier and Network Solutions Division

Organisations today have to deal with the onerous task of maintaining their networks to guarantee consistent availability and productivity. This is compounded by the fact that innovations in technology mean more complex networks are being used to run operations.

This is driving home the importance of using a good network monitoring solution. Network monitoring is vital, particularly for companies with online platforms. It is vital to the smooth running of the businesses’ systems and notifies the company should any problems arise.

Network monitoring also monitors bandwidth usage to see where it needs increasing or decreasing, to maximise the network’s efficiency. Understanding server issues allows organisations to remediate before a huge problem occurs. This in turn saves time, money and energy.

Network monitoring improves customer satisfaction

Another benefit of network monitoring is improved customer satisfaction. Network monitoring brings to the fore the problems faced by the network like no other solution can. It will let the business know when it is not working properly, allowing the business to resolve the issue before most users know it has even occurred. Customers are an impatient bunch, and if your website is not working properly, they will quickly move on to another one. Ensuring consistent network performance is vital to keeping customers happy.

Network monitoring increases productivity

A solid network monitoring solution can help boost productivity, and therefore help grow the bottom line. Link errors can prove disastrous for the business, and continuous monitoring of the network alerts you to link errors before they become a problem and allows you to resolve these issues before any damage is done. This is done at no cost to the business, and helps you increase profitability by limiting any possible downtime.

Network monitoring allows communication monitoring

These solutions also help the business keep an eye on its staff, as well as retrieve any data that could be lost if a network error occurred. Keeping a record of inter-office communications, be it email, chats or similar, is vital. Network monitoring solutions can store these communications in case they are needed again.

Network monitoring helps you keep an eye on web hosting service levels

Another way business can benefit from network monitoring is through understanding the reliability of their web hosting providers. These solutions will pick up administrative issues, or traffic management hassles, of where there is too much congestion. Sometimes the fault will lie with your provider, and network monitoring will help identify whether or not this is the case.


Stuart Hardy has been in the ICT industry since 1997, has been in the Telecommunications industry since 1997, intimately involved in product development, operations and product marketing roles. He has held Executive level positions in some of the largest Operators in South Africa and has founded and driven two successful start-up companies in the Mobile data and Wireless networking spaces. Today, Stuart is a Divisional Director for EOH in their Telecommunications sector.