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Connect to the right network infrastructure that supports business needs and financial realities.

Monitor and manage resources to optimise application and network performance.

Be more agile in responding to changing business demands with access to the right cloud.

Bring business stakeholders together to communicate and collaborate with enhanced mobility.

About EOH Network Solutions

Without quality service, strategy is nothing. But with so many options, how will businesses know which telecoms service provider to choose?

What companies need most is guidance. A partner that helps to make educated decisions between the drive to cost efficiencies and the need to establish quality networks and business-forward services, along with solutions that support operational needs.

We differentiate ourselves with switched on customer service, expert outsourced services and tailormade technology solutions to meet the needs of medium and large enterprises, both public and private.

Network clarity

Imagine complete organisational performance insight with real-time network monitoring and visual dashboard reporting. Stop imagining. Experience Switch On Monitoring, our highly-customisable network monitoring solution.

Carrier Services

We offer what other carrier service providers don’t – real choice and flexibility in wholesale access service and solutions, delivering cost effective internet transit that is fully protected, fast and reliable.


We stake our reputation on service delivery. That’s why we let our clients’ results speak for us. Look at the latest insights (link to Insights Page) and articles from our Knowledge Centre.

Partnering for Value

We enable organisations to benefit from our extensive connections and industry knowledge, leveraging our expertise in all things 365, Mimecast and JSE Access.

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We’re ready to help organisations of all sizes to use technology to build smart, connected workplaces and engage their people in new, productive ways.