Optimise The Network

Slow networks and unresponsive applications – the struggle is real

Unlocking the true benefits of the latest cloud computing and network-delivered applications is impossible, unless the network itself is capable of high speed, efficient and stable performance. What happens when networks are slow? User experience suffers, applications don’t respond, which leads ultimately to a loss of productivity and demotivated employees, which in turn has a severe impact on customer service delivery.

What causes network and application performance issues?

  • The further the application is hosted from the user, the more their experience degrades because available bandwidth takes strain
  • Traditional optimisation technologies cannot fix this problem because they do not control Internet or network in any significant way

Global Optimisation can solve these network and application performance challenges, reduce data usage and resulting in application response times.


Over 95% data reduction, 40x faster

File Transfer

Over 99% improvement, 30x faster

Remote Desktop

More than 400% faster, better UX

Web/IP Applications

Over 95% data reduction, 40x faster


95% data reduction, real time replication across geography

We help enterprises to get the most out of their networks and cloud applications

We provide a fully managed Global Optimisation service that makes it possible for local companies to make use of global cloud services like Office 365 and Salesforce, without performance problems.  

Our unique, powerful network contains an Optimisation stack that delivers the best performance for all users, no matter where they are thanks to effective cloud optimisation.

Global Optimisation offers the same user experience as if the cloud application lived directly on the network, ensuring   unmatched capability in service delivery and performance acceleration.

Experience cloud applications like never before, with our unique infrastructure offerings for Mimecast and Office 365.

The benefits of choosing EOH Network Solutions as an Optimisation as a Service provider

Companies don’t need to change service providers or their network design to get the benefits of optimisation, we simply route their business-critical web or WAN application traffic to the closest Optimisation point of presence.

Improved cloud application performance allows personnel to work more efficiently and increase productivity

A vastly improved user experience reduces frustration and missed deadlines to promote a happier workforce

Reduced data usage results in lower bandwidth and service costs, which impacts budgetary performance

Improved flexibility and business efficiency results in organisational agility, which helps to achieve optimal operational efficiency

To discuss how we can assist with network performance and cloud application optimisation, get in touch.