Network Monitoring

The network monitoring solution that CIOs and CEOs have all been waiting for: Switched On Monitoring

Proactive, automated monitoring and management of network systems that supports strategic growth in business and service delivery is easier than most enterprises think.

With a flexible and highly scalable open core foundation, the Switched On Monitoring solution is completely product and technology agnostic, integrating with all service providers, hardware and software.

This network monitoring tool incorporates an arsenal of innovative network monitoring modules that make it possible for organisations to choose the features they want and pay only for what they use.

Switched On Monitoring network monitoring tools

Businesses can build their ideal network monitoring system by choosing from functional modules on a pay as you go basis to get everything they need, including the ability:


  • See all network devices through a single pane of glass
  • Monitor what is being used and by whom
  • Measure network performance against service levels
  • Track configuration changes for any network device
  • Show reporting for:
    • Software licensing
    • Configuration changes
    • Non-authorised devices
    • Capacity utilisation
  • Proactively manage resources to identify where issues and resource exhaustion are likely to occur and when. Hardware warranty status, etc

See how Switched On Monitoring can make a difference in network performance monitoring

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