Managed Access

Get first choice of all access technologies with EOH Network Solutions Managed Access

  • The ability to select the right network technology, suited to business requirements without being locked in by provider or technical factors
  • Real choice in redundant access solutions that do not depend on the same physical network as the primary service
  • Outsourcing the management of multiple access services to us removes the headache of coordinating several service providers to meet the organisation’s needs
  • All required access mediums are delivered as a fully-managed service, backed by our switched-on support with tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
The demand for economical high-speed global network access is only going to keep growing in every business. Rapid low-latency, high volume communication of information between organisations and consumers they service is critical in order to facilitate the way people live and work.

Right now, there is no single network provider that can meet every organisation’s connectivity needs.  

That’s why we interconnect our MPLS and Internet network with every single significant last mile provider out there, so we can provide our clients with managed access to the best available technology in every location across the country and around the world.


Constantly growing, our Metro E Network in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban already meets the business fibre connectivity needs of South Africa’s biggest and most demanding organisations, providing hundreds of Gbps to both the public and private sector organisations, to driving business strategy without losing sight of financial realities by delivering high speed, scalable network access services.


The EOH Wireless network gives organisations of all sizes immediate access to all the advantages of wireless network access services, including rapid deployment and technical reliability thanks to the underlying core fibre network.

Carrier Services

We provide fully-protected carrier internet transit that makes use of a combination of multiple data centres, undersea cables and upstream providers to ensure we deliver the fastest and most reliable services.

With transit routes available in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, clients can connect into our network in all major data centres for diversity.

When it comes to carrier services, we offer real choice and flexibility with established core breakout nodes in vendor neutral hosting facilities across the country.

We have the capabilities to design, implement and manage networks of any scale with a direct and international footprint, even when multiple international upstream partners are involved.

Carrier Solutions:

Local Internet Transit

Distributed peering architecture between Johannesburg and Cape Town serves over 8Gbps of data into the local market, making us one of the largest content providers with the highest SLAs available for these routes

International Internet Transit:

With a presence in London and Amsterdam, we provide full international transit routes from South Africa with international cable and upstream diversity

Blended Internet Transit

Allows clients to use both local and international Internet transit, using either full port size for local or international or a combination of the two

EOH Carrier Layer 2 Connectivity is a wholesale access service that provides metro and long-haul connectivity. With transmission speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps, it delivers point-to-point Layer 2 connectivity.


In geographically remote areas where there is no other connectivity access, EOH Network Solutions provides a satellite service. This is a point-to-multipoint service with a dedicated two-way communication circuit from an on-premise earth station at the customer’s site through to the teleport facility in Midrand.


To provide exponentially higher bandwidth to resource-hungry businesses, the EOH Network Solutions Broadband access service harnesses the power of fibre and wireless last mile networks.

Virtually uncontended (1:2) locally and internationally, access is managed in terms of a fair usage policy, catering for the middle to large enterprise that needs to benefit from solid throughput speeds for general Internet application usage.

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