Manage The Cloud

For organisations that have a complicated relationship with cloud, there’s CloudBolt™

What every company needs is a unified cloud services dashboard that simplifies for the provisioning and management of every cloud in the environment, whether public, private, or hybrid, with a few clicks of a mouse.

With our CloudBolt™ platform, management of all cloud environments becomes quick and easy.

Now, organisations can access what they need when they need to in line with specific business requirements and the right cloud gives the business value and flexibility, ensuring that IT spend is optimised for greater return on investment.

But how will enterprises know which cloud is right for their business? That’s where we can help.

One cloud management platform, many clouds. Control, optimise and manage with CloudBolt (™)

Provides quick access to all clouds and virtualised environments, so that users have complete control over their clouds, regardless of deployment type

Intuitive self-service portal that allows users to select from preconfigured servers and application environments that meet both business and regulatory requirements

Available as a standalone solution, it works with on-premise infrastructure, as well as public cloud solutions

Gives businesses exactly enough cloud infrastructure to meet their business needs and strategies at any given time. Gain the benefits of complete cloud control

Businesses can benefit from our assistance in developing their tailored cloud environment. The right cloud allows businesses to:

Turn a multi-cloud strategy into a reality and access the full range of public cloud services in one place.  Meet all the organisation’s cloud needs through a single pane of glass, putting cost transparency and optimisation, capacity and resource planning in one place. End Shadow IT in the organisation by providing visibility into spend and usage, a single cloud services dashboard guarantees full control

Take charge of costs with simplified local currency billing and the flexibility of monthly, daily, weekly, or even hourly instances

Stop worrying about data residency and compliance issues and simplify procurement processes with a Level 1 BBBEE certification

Cloud Applications and Optimisation

Great performance from every cloud application is possible, whether it’s located in our cloud network in South Africa or delivered from a cloud network in the U.S or Europe.

Get a single optimisation solution to overcome sluggish performance challenges of cloud application delivery.

  • Cloud applications that are more responsive
  • User experience that is 50x faster
  • Reduction of up to 90% in bandwidth usage

Hosting business-critical applications in our cloud can give organisations access to a range of optimisation capabilities to:


Measurably improve application delivery to users, whether coming from the Internet or a private network

Protect application delivery from other Internet applications of lower importance, allowing businesses to prioritise hosted business applications for faster performance

Further enhance application performance using TCP/IP acceleration, compression and caching