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EOH SIP Trunking

As a Tier 1 Network Operator, EOH Network Solutions has all the interconnect agreements in place to offer a cost-effective, reliable alternative to any fixed line voice or VoIP provider through SIP Trunking.

We make it easy for businesses to:

  1. Seamlessly port their numbers to the EOH Network Solutions  network
  2. Bolt on the necessary UC applications to build the ideal ecosystem
  3. Get a full bouquet of services (voice, data and IT) from a single service provider

Best of all, the SIP Trunk solution is suited for integration with almost any PBX that supports trunking and can even overcome legacy PBX constraints by using VoIP gateways.  Besides being used for voice calls, SIP trunking is also used for text, video, multimedia, instant messaging and other real time services, making it a useful platform on which to build an effective UC system.

Get maximum technical and commercial benefit from business telecommunications spend, without throwing everything out and starting fresh.

Whether a basic IP PBX system, an enterprise customer contact centre, or an end-to-end cloud-based unified communications infrastructure – we customise our solutions to meet the needs of every type of business.

Why? Because when employees spend less time switching between communication channels and customer service platforms, they have more time to focus on what’s important: business operations and servicing customers.

Simply put, the easier it is for people to communicate, the more productive they’ll be and that’s exactly what unified communications does for businesses. It enables individuals and teams across the organisation to communicate better to facilitate tighter collaboration, wherever they are.

Flexible, scalable, customised UC solutions

Giving teams everything they need to connect and collaborate.

We facilitate effective communication between team members by providing solutions tailored around their specific communicative and collaborative requirements.

Switched ON Support:

We have earned our Mitel Gold partner certification by having the best skilled Mitel support in the country, with the largest concentration of certified Mitel Engineers providing reliable, always-available technical support to meet the unified communications requirements of our clients.

Unified Communications with NS PBX

Achieve efficient, professional voice communications with our world-class, on-premise PBX and UC systems, powered by Mitel. Known globally for industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes, EOH Network Solutions is a proud certified Mitel Gold Partner

This means clients can leverage Mitel’s advanced communications features and ease of use, benefitting from scalability and flexibility to keep up with changing business needs; secure in the knowledge that EOH NS is there to provide five-star support and end-to-end service management

No matter the deployment, whether on-premise or in the cloud, we are a trusted advisor and solutions specialist, because of our deep understanding of each industry’s specific requirements and unique challenges

Tailored unified communications with a vertical focus

Every industry has its own unique demands, and at EOH Network Solutions, we understand that better than most.  That’s why our team of experts works closely with businesses and organisations to find industry-specific solutions to their communications challenges.


Flexible, reliable communications to keep students and educators connected. Mitel solutions are key to allowing students to connect flexibly for an enhanced learning experience that improves their outcomes, making the most of the investment

Field Services

Eliminate costly delays in communications, manage field service agents more effectively to boost customer satisfaction, enhance ROI and drive profitability through seamless unified communications streamlining workflows

Government and Public Sector

Reduce operational costs, improve service delivery and easily manage systems by integrating disparate applications and tying communications services directly to business processes


Improve patient experience and quality of care by streamlining communications and eliminate privacy concerns with a solution that is HIPAA compliant


Create an exceptional guest experience while streamlining business operations with effective unified communications, deployed according to specific needs


Improve supply chain management, multiple location connectivity and reduce wastage with unified communications tailored to achieve specific productivity and cost-cutting objectives


Solve issues of cost cost-control, omnichannel retailing, shrinkage and inventory management and move into the future of responsive, immersive retail

Sport & Leisure

Thrill the fans, engage the customers and keep them coming back for more with scalable, flexible communications that keep the show running smoothly

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Unified Communication in the Cloud: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Choose cloud-based unified communications solutions that offer businesses immense and immediate benefits of flexibility and cost-effectiveness without the need for a massive capital outlay.

Give employees and teams the tools they need to collaborate from any location using whichever communications channel suits them at that moment. Transform disconnected business units into a seamlessly-connected agile organisation with people able to communicate more efficiently, in real time, using presence information.

Get people working together on projects simultaneously and drive collaboration throughout the organisation, drawing on the full power of unified communications technology, combined with the cloud.

Our hosted unified communications solution is a powerful combination of IP telephony, cloud computing, collaboration and unified communications in one fully-managed service.

This is exactly the end-to-end service every business needs to respond quickly and successfully to customer demands, operate more flexibly and productively and attract the best talent.

To dramatically reduce the capital investment, complexity and support cost associated with an on-premise solution, EOH NS MiCloud UCaaS is powered by Mitel. 

Opportunity for growth: providing the providers

Resellers in the South African telecoms space looking to expand into full-scale service providers should seize this chance to offer voice services and MiCloud UCaaS to their customers on a wholesale basis. We’ll handle the full network and systems management, letting them focus on growing their customer base.

The benefits are tangible. No waiting. Better business agility: UCaaS supports distributed organisations with multiple offices, remote/home workers, and mobile personnel. Unified communications and IP telephony features facilitate better communication, collaboration and teamwork, with support for smartphones and tablets to scale with the business needs.

Financial gains: Companies can have a UCaaS solution implemented rapidly, without any capital expenditure. The integration of mobile devices offers further costs savings, through reduced call charges. Costs also become predictable, with a fixed price per use per month.

Five-star support This is a managed communications solution, underpinned by an agreed service level. We provide top-class support throughout the UC journey, from defining requirements, to managing implementation and providing ongoing, responsive support.

Technology support is also a core focus – all software assurance, licensing and upgrades are taken care of by EOH NS.

Solution Elements

Organisations can choose to build their own solution, tailored to their specific requirements without having to take on anything they don’t need, paying only for what they use.


  • Business and Unified Communications features
  • App for use on Mobile and PC devices
  • Switchboard Operator Console software
  • Choice of IP devices from desktop handsets, to conference phones
  • Choice of Headsets for desktop device and PC softphone environments
  • Call Recording
  • Call Centre Dashboard and Reporting

Why should businesses choose Mitel technology?

Proven market leader featured in five Gartner quadrants offering a purpose-built platform with Open Standards support backed by focused R&D

Experience in every client environment with a business case for all users and accountability through local vendor representation means always available on-the-ground support from EOH NS

Software and license device interoperability enables a smooth transition to allow clients to get to where they need to be, in order to remain competitive

This regulated channel is reserved for committed partners – we are a Gold partner, which means we have the skills capacity to deliver on our promises that we will walk the journey with every client.

Get all the benefits of a UCaaS