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Focus on business, we’ll lend a hand with ensuring the organisation’s network runs smoothly

We know that not every enterprise has the necessary skills in-house to ensure that their business has reliable, available and consistent network data communications to support their operations.

That’s why we’re here to take the stress out of network technology management and simplify the job description of overloaded network administrative teams. Outsourcing this functionality helps businesses to focus on their priorities.

Managed Hosting services and locations

Managed Hosting

 With the expansion of cloud solutions, disaster recovery and their related services, the question of where to house the organisation’s services and applications has become a critical issue.

EOH Network Solutions provides commercial data space that offers businesses choice, not limitations.

To avoid locking clients in, we chose not to develop our own data centres. Instead, we incorporated all the largest data centres in the country into our Metro Fibre footprint.

  • Significant range of choice when it comes to choosing a preferred data centre
  • Ability to select data centre based on location and associated costs
  • Which enables stakeholders to prioritise the right strategic considerations

With managed hosting services from EOH Network Solutions, organisations with specialised network requirements, including content, cloud and financial ecosystems are all just an interconnect away.

Let’s discuss managed hosting options further

Colocation Hosting

Hosting of Client Servers, i.e. Colocation

Co-location allows clients to rapidly implement their servers in EOH Network Solutions racks in either of our Data Centres for easy access to our network and interconnecting carriers.

This complete end to end managed colocation hosting service sees us provide the rack space, power, air-conditioning, UPS and data connection.

Hosting of Client Services, i.e. Client Exchange

Hosting allows clients to implement their services and applications on hardware that is supplied and managed in either of our Data Centers.

Colocation and hosting SLAs



Uptime: 99.9% (52min 34sec over a 12-month period that excludes scheduled maintenance)

Power, environmental and network cable

99.9% (if both primary and secondary network points are used)

Service reports

24/7/365 service and monitoring with Monthly Service Reports

Hosting and colocation services are offered at Teraco (Isando and Cape Town) which allows our clients to leverage NAP Africa – which is the continent’s fastest growing peering and traffic exchange. Along with Hetzner in Midrand.

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LAN Management

An outsourced managed LAN service offers businesses reliable, available and consistent network data communications to support their operations.

Keeping a physical and logical documentation of our clients’ network design enables our teams to recommend network improvements and tweaks where necessary.

What does LAN Management provide?

Responsibility for management and support of agreed Local Area Networks (LAN)

Incident and Problem Management (detection, isolation, and resolution of LAN related issues)

Perform first line hardware diagnostics and escalate according to resolution protocol

Monitoring and reporting on performance; control over IMACD and Change Management processes

Implement network security to LAN devices in accordance with organisational standards, processes and procedures

Maintain the currency of firmware on agreed devices and perform regular backups of device configurations

Maintain and manage passwords on all LAN devices, as well as network documentation up to the agreed level

Provide on-going advice on LAN-related issues, as well as latest technologies and product roadmaps

As part of our Managed LAN Services offering, we take care of all tasks relating to the active LAN components – such as initial configuration, management of relevant hardware and software, hardware maintenance, and roll-out.

Firewall Security

Network security is a huge concern for network administrators. With so many cyber threats out there, keeping the business network, data and people secure is a massive responsibility.

The EOH Network Hosted Firewall is an effective means of improving network security – and optimising security cost management, providing scalable, reliable cyber protection.

Perimeter Firewall Security

The EOH Perimeter Firewall solution is built with high levels of redundancy and failover protection. Constant monitoring and management allow the system to deal with any changes or evolving threats.                                                

Based on FortiGate technology, the firewall is the first and most critical component of ensuring network security and additional protection can be gained by including an Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) for protection against malicious attacks.

Hosted firewall security

We offer three firewall management configurations for different levels of security and compliance to clients on our VPN or with hosted services in our data centre.

Firewall Light:

Basic, entry-level security for meeting minimum requirements.

Outsourced/Dedicated Firewall:

Highest level of firewall security with advanced capabilities, such as intrusion prevention, policy and compliance management, detailed reporting, and even an awareness service that alerts users to potential risky applications or processes so that they can be stopped in time

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