We Partner for Value

We make Internet and cloud-based services easily accessible, cost-efficient and extremely reliable for enterprises.

By adding business-critical cloud applications and services into our core fibre network design, we’re able to serve these up to clients at a reduced cost with an improved experience that boosts productivity and efficiency.


Cloud products like Mimecast are a growing breed of indispensable and convenient solutions available, but the cost of Internet access for these services can be high.  That’s why we are a Mimecast provider delivering to businesses directly through our core network to eliminate the cost of access, simplify infrastructure requirements and improve the quality of general Internet access by removing email from the demand equation.

Our infrastructure solutions for Mimecast cover an unlimited number of users and Mimecast services, removing some of the cost-based considerations to using this cloud solution.

Microsoft Office 365

We deliver Microsoft’s services to South African companies faster and more cost-effectively. This has manifested in our unmatched ability as a Microsoft 365 provider, equipping our clients with a unique and exclusive infrastructure solution custom-built for Microsoft Cloud.

We’ve made all Office 365 services available as an On-Net service in the region, to cut out the cost of dedicated international bandwidth and give local access to these International services

JSE Access

For organisations connecting to systems at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the only real measurement is latency (speed). Latency (or the lack thereof) can be the difference between making money in the financial sector or losing it.

While uptime, network stability and cost are all factors, speed is the ultimate goal. That’s why we recently incorporated the JSE directly into Next Generation metro fibre network to make the JSE available as an ON-Net service to our financial sector clients.

By simplifying the way financial service companies access the JSE, we can achieve results like a 70% latency reduction, and in many cases, reach an unthinkable sub-1ms response time.