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Create simplified, adaptive networks to ensure optimal performance with Managed Networking Services

With constant developments in emerging technologies, businesses can find themselves in unchartered territory as they struggle to catch up.

The easiest way for businesses to achieve the desired balance between the need to cut costs and the urgency to establish quality, reliable networks capable of supporting operational needs, is outsourcing. EOH Network Solutions provides complete end to end network, infrastructure and software solutions required to meet the business demands and challenges of today’s businesses.

Performance, efficiency and agility: that’s SD-WAN

Today, most of the network traffic is directing to the Internet. This shows that the way people use wide area networks (WANs) has shifted. 

Because networks themselves are changing – with mobility, virtualisation and cloud services all revolutionising the way people work – the way businesses manage networks needs to change too. 

For most, the move from private data centre services to cloud-based applications has resulted in limited management capabilities, leaving companies with three common challenges:

  • Bandwidth crisis: dealing with increasing demands from all users and applications
  • Cloud headache: Impaired cloud connectivity as a result of bandwidth demands
  • Budget stress: Keeping a handle on costs with escalating bandwidth demands

Traditional WAN architecture based on legacy technologies is now a barrier to overcoming these challenges, because an outdated WAN strategy can prevent organisations from delivering an optimal user experience for today’s business applications.

Which is why we go beyond WAN to provide SD-WAN which enables:

  • Flexibility of infrastructure to aggregate sites and load balancing
  • Traffic management up to the application layer
  • Application based security (on site and central)
  • Simplified configuration, management and monitoring (with reporting and analytics)

What’s the big deal about Software-Defined Wide Area Networking?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) makes it possible to route traffic across a WAN in a manner that is both dynamic and cost-efficient, to streamline connections among enterprise sites while freeing organisations from service provider lock-in.

SD-WAN provides control and visibility over network capabilities and is in constant development to ensure technological sustainability until the next radical shift.

Benefits of choosing EOH Network Solutions as an SD-WAN Provider

With EOH SD-WAN, organisations can:

Lower total networking cost without compromising security

Support rapid deployment and availability of new services and applications

Optimise traffic routing and bandwidth efficiency across multiple carriers for redundancy and resilience

Use lower cost broadband connectivity instead of outdated, costly access methods

Enable branch sites to be brought to full service in shorter time frames with centralised management and automated configuration capability

Employ end-to-end automation for on-demand service introduction and dynamic changes that need to be implemented across their networks

Benefit from simplified management with a choice of physical or virtual models to enable the provision and maintenance of WAN services across the network

Take advantage of flexible software purchasing options and adjustable licensing

Core Network Services: EOH Supercore

The EOH Supercore network gives organisations the flexibility to have their networks run like an ISP with a combination of managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 services at extremely competitive rates. 80% of the country falls into a zone that qualifies for a monthly set amount, instead of relying on the traditional tri-zone subscription pricing method.

  • Each Layer 2 service is delivered over fibre and/or fixed wireless (licensed spectrum) to allow for traffic segmentation through unlimited VLANs, according to prioritisation
  • Diversity provides double the bandwidth, as each fibre connection provides its full access bandwidth
  • Resource-intensive organisations can make use of high-capacity mediums with bandwidth possibilities of up to 10Gbps

Learn more about EOH Core Network Services

Virtual Private Networks

Extend business networks to all corners of the organisation – local and international with virtual private networks (VPN) by creating one secure private network.

What is VPN?

Managed VPN solutions enable the secure exchange of data and voice between geographically-dispersed branches of any business. Global or local, with VPN, the experience is as if all business units are seamlessly connected to one big private network.

Benefits of choosing EOH Network Solutions as a business VPN provider

One secure network across the organisation to seamlessly integrate all networking components, including inter-branch connectivity and voice services

Prioritise application traffic, including voice, video and data, based on the business requirements

VPN is capable of rapid provisioning and deployment, saving time for the organisation

Full proactive monitoring and network surveillance with powerful security features ensures that data is always protected

Comprehensive SLAs can be tailored to meet the exact service requirements of the organisation, providing the reliability and assurance that every business need

Data Centre & Disaster Recovery Services

The need for offsite infrastructure and network capacity to service data storage and disaster recovery (DR) strategies is becoming increasingly critical for businesses. Data storage, backup and disaster recovery are vital for business continuity, corporate governance and compliance.

While there are numerous data centre services and disaster recovery providers that are capable of housing these footprints, businesses have realised that bottlenecks in efficiencies are caused by the availability and costs related to connecting these facilities back to their primary network.  that causes costly bottlenecks in efficiencies.

That’s why we have built infrastructure capable of supporting every organisation’s disaster recovery and backup requirements.

The EOH Network Solutions Metro Ethernet Fibre networks incorporate almost every major local data centre into the design, which provides high quality, competitive Metro Fibre access between data centres.

The benefits of choosing EOH Network Solutions as a data centre and disaster recovery solutions provider

The ability to implement services between facilities within hours

Capacity option of up to 10Gbps on a protected Metro fibre ring, at significantly lower operating costs

Faster, more cost-effective bandwidth for data storage and disaster recovery

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As the culture of remote working continues to spread, people no longer have to be in the office to access network resources and business data to do their jobs. Working conditions are shifting toward an expectation of flexibility – employees want the choice in where and when to work

Whether at the office, a client site or even at home, employees need a secure connection that enables them to work effectively from where they are, at any time.
Our APN Solutions enable fast, secure connectivity from mobile devices to the organisation’s chosen network, which is the foundation of building a mobile workforce with secure connectivity on the move. This gives employees the same level of security and accessibility as if they were working from the office.

  • Bandwidth crisis: dealing with increasing demands from all users and applications
  • Cloud headache: Impaired cloud connectivity as a result of bandwidth demands
  • Budget stress: Keeping a handle on costs with escalating bandwidth demands

Traditional WAN architecture based on legacy technologies is now a barrier to overcoming these challenges, because an outdated WAN strategy can prevent organisations from delivering an optimal user experience for today’s business applications.

What is an APN and how does it enable mobility?

APN is an acronym that means Access Point Name, and this is exactly what it does: providing an access point set up on a mobile device that is used to make a connection between the device’s cellular network and the business network.

In short, APN technology is the answer to the IT administrative and security headache that is the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, as it helps organisations to secure the connections being made into the network, instead of worrying about security on a device level. This is particularly useful where enterprises have equipped their mobile workforce with Internet-connected devices like 3G cards, tablets and mobile routers.

The benefits for business of APN for on-the-move productivity

Ensure mobile device security with defined user access control while benefiting from simplification of device security support and cost savings

Switched on APN ensures governance and risk controls are not compromised by running all APN data over the corporate VPN

Make educated decisions about which packages to deploy or justify a corporate APN for shared bandwidth

Individual users benefit from economies of scale – buying the right package results in better pricing.

Better management and insight into usage and patterns, quickly identifying SIM abuse as well as restricting employee access to certain sites

Ability to lock a SIM remotely should it get lost or abused

Finder/tracker enables the SIM/device to be located if lost/stolen

Extends to machine devices, mobile phones. 3G cards and more

Easy to manage online APN portal

Switched-ON APN is delivered to our customers through an easy to use self-service portal which enables administrators to control features such as user access, usage reports and cost control.