Voice SIP Trunking Service

Voice (PBX/SIP Trunking)

The need to maximise return on telecoms spend is omnipresent and nowhere is this more evident than with voice services, due to dependency on high quality and stable networks.

We are a Tier 1 Licensed Network Operator, and we have concluded interconnect agreements with all other major players to offer an excellent cost-effective voice alternative to fixed line or VoIP service providers.

No matter the connectivity, we offer the ability to easily port telephone numbers to connect to the EOH Voice network using our SIP Trunking service so that customers can perform at their peak, while benefiting from: 

  • Superior quality of service
  • Better voice network range
  • Reliable network redundancy measures
  • Reporting and analytics to optimise usage and performance

 In addition to being used for voice calls, SIP trunking is also used for text, video, multimedia, instant messaging and other real time services, making it a useful platform on which to build an effective UC system.

The benefits of EOH NS SIP Trunking


Benefit from high-quality voice experience – our SIP Trunks  has one of the highest Mean Opinion Score ratings

Cost efficiency

With a total cost solution that is up to 40% lower than most organisation’s current voice service (excludes VoIP services)

Future proofing

Smooth transitions with scalable upgrade paths to the cloud with our range of hosted IP PBX solutions. We deliver everything businesses need to remain competitive and reduce telecommunications costs

We are able to connect with any existing PBX solutions or can offer a full turnkey solution together with own dedicated last mile access which guarantees the quality of the service – from the business premises and throughout the network.

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